I can't believe its not butter

Now I am not really a video game person but my cousin had this game that he let me borrow. I love it! It's for the Nintendo DS (which I don't currently have but borrow Robert's whenever possible). It's called something like Mario and Sonic at the Bejing Olympics. I'm pretty much becoming a master of the game. I've gotten a few perfect 10s in my time. My personal favorites are the vault in gymnastics and platform diving in aquatics. Might I add that I work up quite a sweat trying to get more events unlocked.

Hey...Carrie Underwood, Nicole Kidman, Liv Tyler and America Ferrara all play it so why can't I??

Hmm, maybe its now time for the gym where I can work up a real sweat!

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lauren said...

my mom would not put down my sister's DS when it was time for dinner last night!