Where have I been!?

That's right...I've been wedding stalking! Here is an unusual find:


Happy Birthday Robert!

Dear Robert,

Hope you have a happy birthday! Here you will find my other 2 gifts to you:

1. We will be going to dinner here tomorrow: food

2. Here's your other surprise (hint: are we on the same wavelength?)

(no secret message here, just thought it was a funny pic)

[Disclaimer: If your name is not Robert Michael Bucks then this message is not directed to you.]


Dispatches from the Island

Found a new favorite blog to read thanks to @plasticrooster (on Twitter) - I spent a large part of the day learning about Jorge Garcia (Hurley from Lost!).

New favorite: Dispatches from the Island



Is this real life?

I first heard this kid on the Preston and Steve this morning. This poor kid got some kind of drugs at the dentist's office.


Baby Maddie

Just wanted to post some cute pictures of Bonnie and Steve and little baby Maddie. They are my first friends (my age) to have a baby! She was born Jan. 28 and weighed 8 lbs, 8 oz!

So cute!


If you know what tabbing is, read this post

The following is a message specially for Lauren Schwartz from Kendall and Robert...

You are one of my "keeper" friends that has been there since 7th grade! We've had funny moments at Eyer, good crazy and not-so-good crazy times in high school and even though we had a falling out for a little while, you still stand to be one of my good friends today.

Before you make a decision as to yes or no - please, please, PLEASE know that I COMPETELY understand if you decline. I know that we are both planning a wedding around the same time and that it's time-consuming and we both aren't millionares! Haha. Please think about it and if you say you aren't able to, we'd still LOVE for you to have some part in our wedding.

Feel free to leave a comment here or DM me on Twitter after you've thought about it! :)




Did I ever mention how much I love Twitter?

Right now I’m in the process of looking for a wedding photographer and I’ve discovered that a lot of photographers are on Twitter! Of course I started following them and I’m even more convinced that Twitter is a great method to communicate both professionally and personally.

I found that the photographers communication between each other often. If one photog has a reguest for a certain date in which they are unavailable, they will tweet it out to the other photogs to see if they have the date available.

Great camaraderie between photogs. That’s what I like to see! I <3 Twitter.