This just breaks my heart.


Christmas idea

Thought this was a cute idea to decorate my house at Christmas time. I feel like there is a possibilty they could come out being cheesy or cute. Not sure - guess I'll just have to try it!

Wait...what house?

Plus I used to make these origami balloons all the time in high school! I could whip several up in no time.


Weddings can be awkward. Can we avoid that??

So I just watched a wedding video online at some photographer's website and it was awkward! Can we not have an awkward wedding? I'm not sure if that's possible but if it is, I hope that's how ours will be.

They had a close-up of the couple as they were doing their first dance and singing together. Cute right? No. It was weird. I've decided for sure that I don't want my wedding video-taped. I will look too goofy. I don't want to post a link to the video I am referring to but I will post a different, fun video!

This video (of a toast) is goofy too but not awkward (in my opinion). It is a bit eccentric but what can I say...I'm a sucker.

Go here to see the video: Amy's Song


What did I do?

Great. Now I messed up my blog. I was playing around with different templates and now I can't get rid of that bulleted list below my blog title. I can't find where it says that on the back end. I've deleted everything I possibly could in an attempt to get rid of it!