Weddings can be awkward. Can we avoid that??

So I just watched a wedding video online at some photographer's website and it was awkward! Can we not have an awkward wedding? I'm not sure if that's possible but if it is, I hope that's how ours will be.

They had a close-up of the couple as they were doing their first dance and singing together. Cute right? No. It was weird. I've decided for sure that I don't want my wedding video-taped. I will look too goofy. I don't want to post a link to the video I am referring to but I will post a different, fun video!

This video (of a toast) is goofy too but not awkward (in my opinion). It is a bit eccentric but what can I say...I'm a sucker.

Go here to see the video: Amy's Song


Rob Epple said...

As with anything, if the content is produced correctly, it can be candid, unobtrusive, and not awkward at the same time! Some video companies are just so unprofessional when they shove a camera in guests faces (as are some photographers as well). However, its important to set reasonable expectations and understand what video is good at capturing (live stuff and the sounds of the day like toasts) and what photos are good at capturing. They are completely different mediums and require different approaches and different artistry. The workflows are different in ways and the equipment is different. However, the people skills are the same! A professional can gauge the "awkwardness" of the moment and take due course while they are working... A non-professional doesn't care for whatever the reason - e.g. lack of skills, etc.

AMY's song was filmed by us and frankly - it was a complete surprise to us and the Amy. I have to admit it felt VERY uncomfortable filming it since we didn't know who was coming from where and with what. We positioned around the room and I felt very "present" since everyone was sitting and we were standing (including the photographers and DJs).

However, in the end, it was truly amazing - the people focused on the toast and forgot about us - thank goodness! The end result is obvious in everyone's faces - it was truly amazing and one of the most genuine experiences we have ever witness while filming.

I sincerely hope you don't completely discount video from your wedding - you will find that its sentimental value grow beyond your expectations over time - esp for your family! just do your homework and meet the company you consider. Personalities and technique varies greatly and the bottom line is that the people skills can make or break their ability to blend in to your event without making their presence awkward. Sometimes, what you pay for are intangible things like these skills that are harder to measure when you just ask for someone's package and pricing sheets. thats where the person to person comes into play - MEET them if at all possible...

Rob Epple - Director, AMC Video Productions, Cape Coral, Florida

Rob Epple - AMC Video, Florida.

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Thank you Rob. I guess you are right...it really does depend on the photographer/videographer.

I think you filmed Amy's Song remarkably considering that they were popping up all over the place--well done. I love that video (after re-reading my post, not sure if it came across that way)!

Thanks again for your comments, they may lead me to reconsider and think more about a videographer (you never know when moments like Amy's Song may happen unexpectedly and then wish you had it recorded). I suppose what might look awkward to me might be a great keepsake for someone else.