Social Media

So I'm realizing there is a whole lot more to social media than I ever could have expected. Lately I've been farting around on something called Twitter. I never heard of it before we began experimenting with it at work. At an internship fair I attended at Kutztown University today, we asked most of the students interested in our internship if they've ever heard of it and maybe one person say yes. Guess that means I'm not alone?

The way I've been describing it to people is that it is similiar to posting updates on your facebook profile. It's just a 140 character blurb on what you're doing. You can have conservations that way! It's benefitial to us at work because we are able to post our events and announcements for those "following" us. We are beginning to make some progess using it as a marketing tool.

Sign up and "follow" me! I give you permission to stalk me :)

Me: http://twitter.com/kaschmie
Work: http://twitter.com/lehighvalleypa