Hello my name is

I'm coming up on almost a year of visiting Wawa for my morning coffee 5 days a week (oh yea and almost a year at my job too) and sometime over the course of that almost-year, I've acquired the name Melissa (it's not every day that people get to choose which way to spell their name).

Carol, the friendly, chipper coffee lady knows me only by my apparent new alias, Melissa or sometimes it's Melis for short (seriously!?). Couldn't she have picked a better, cooler name? No offense to the name Melissa or anyone who goes by that but it's not something I would have picked for myself.

Where did she get the idea that that was my name anyway? I never told her my name was Kendall but I also never told her my name was Melissa.

What she might have heard...

  • The accent in both names is in the middle, maybe that threw her off? Go ahead, say it out loud...keNDall...melISsa. Okay so that might be a stretch.
  • My mom, who also frequents Wawa with me in the morning, might have said one time..."here take this" referring to the coffee cup she was handing me and maybe Carol heard "here Melis"
  • Maybe my mom said "What do you want for lunch today? Turkey and swiss?" and Carol thought she said "What do you want for lunch today Melis?"
  • My mom's name is Lisa. I could see the progression...Melissa...Lisa...lis...
  • Or maybe she knows it's not my name and she secretly thinks it's funny. She's probably waiting to see how long it takes me to correct her. Two can play at this game!

No Wawa tomorrow but back to Melis on Monday.