Frogmore Stew

So today we are having something called Frogmore Stew. First of all, the name implies to me that there are frogs in it. Eww. Apparently the name is deceiving because there are not frogs in this stew. However it doesn't really get much better (for me at least).

After some research I found out that Frogmore Stew is a South Carolinian recipe and it gets its name from a place that has only a post office on one side of the road and a two-story white country store on the other. Frogmore is the mailing address for the residents of St. Helena Island just off the South Carolina coast. Legend has it that local shrimpers just used whatever ingredients they had on hand to make the stew.

Interested in what it does actually have in it? I just have one word....


Here is the recipe in anyone is interested:

Frogmore Stew
1 1/2 gallons water
Juice of one (1) lemon
Salt to taste
3 tablespoons
Old Bay Seasoning
2 pounds sausage (kielbasa, etc.), cut into 1/2" slices
10 to 12 ears of
corn on the cob, broken into 3" pieces
4 pounds uncooked
shrimp in shell

In a large stock pot, add the water, lemon, salt, and Old Bay Seasoning; bring to a boil. Add sausage and gently boil, uncovered, five minutes. Add corn and cook an additional five minutes (begin timing immediately, don't wait until water is boiling). Add shrimp and cook three minutes longer. Remove from heat, drain immediately, and serve. Yields 8 servings.

Looks like I'll be grilling some chicken.