Back to school

Well, it's time for back to school...but not for us "working" folk in the "real world." At this time last year I would have been showing up for the 2nd day of Tuesday/Thursday classes, probably in Hash (the building, not the drug for those of you who are non-alumni) and inevitably handing in some kind of homework assignment. I never would have thought I would say this but here it goes...I miss doing homework. Yikes!

During the last few weeks I've been reminiscent of my college experience and how lucky I am that I had a great first and continuous college roommate and best friend (Lauren), that there were upperclassmen on the 11th floor of Burrowes Hall who actually cared to help out the freshman (Jess) and that I met so many other long-lasting friends that I still keep in touch with outside of good ol' Millersville...

…Here’s to Skully and Marauder, Miller and S’Ville, Galley and Gordinier, Burrowes and Wellness, RAs and no As, Banana Hands and Bike Mike, Village and Brick, the quad and dorm rooms, afternoon naps and all-nighters, homework and avoiding homework, stalkers and stalkings, dirt dessert and Italian sodas, best friends and lost friends, fianc├ęs and ex-boyfriends, heartaches and triumphs, the good times and the bad and most of all, the best times of my life.